Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to give special rights to particular users to applicaitons in WAS CONSOLE

I have installed one war file (Ex. ManageExcel.war) to my local BPM. 

Following are the 2 users that I have created to my local BPM server. 
I would like to give user1 role as Monitor + <<special role>> so that he can own the MangeExcel deployment.
Sr No
User id

This user is administrator user & have all rights on BPM platform.
This user as same rights like “jsapariy” as explained above.

To give special role to any user, we need to create “Administrative Authorization Groups”. 
This group allow you to restrict/allow particular user to access particular resource. 
As per below snapshot I have created AAG group WAR_DEPLOYMENT_GRP with access of “ManageExcel.war” (Ex. Snapshot 1).  

Hence all member of this group can access only particular war file/resources. 
I have added “user1” to this group (Ex. SNAPSHOT-2). 
Hence when user1 will login in was console (Ex. Snapshot 3) , it will have only “ManageExcel.war” file access & read only access for other application.

 As per snapshot-3, user1 have only access of “ManageExcel.war”.

Remember thru AAG we can control Cluster, Nodes, Application, and Business Applications etc.  

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