Friday, July 3, 2015

BPM Snapshot Deployment

We have 2 types of deployment 
                        1.Online Deployment
                         2.Offline Deployment

1.Online Deployment:

                  Which PS are connected to process center called online servers.

  Steps to Deploy:

  • Create a snapshot to the application
  • check the online servers in servers tab where you want to install application
  • click the snapshot and install it will show all the offline and online servers
  • select the online server.
  • migrate the instances(leave,migrate)
    • leave - leave the old instances
    • migrate - migrate the current instances
  • installation successful.
  • open the process admin console where you installed the application
  • click on installed application it will list down all the installed snapshots.
  • click on recently installed application and make that snapshot as active and default.

2.Offline Deployment:

            Which PS are not connected to process center called offline servers.

Steps to Deploy:

     Note: Create a offline server 
      1. login to process center
      2. go to server tab.
      3. click 'add new offline server'
      4. enter a name of your choice and create.  
      5. one offline server will display in server tab.                  
  • Create a snapshot to the application.
  • Install the snapshot in offline server.
  • There are two ways to get package from offline server

    •  Click on the Export installation package. it will extract a zip file.
    •  Go to  /opt/ibm/BPM/v8.5/bin folder
    •  logging to WSADMIN python script  
      • wsadmin -conntype SOAP -port 4080 -host -user admin -password admin -lang jython
    • you will see wsadmin> and write the below command to extract the package using command prompt.
      • AdminTask.BPMExtractOfflinePackage('[-containerAcronym BILLDISP -containerSnapshotAcronym SS2.0.1 -containerTrackAcronym Main -serverName processServer315 -outputFile C:/myProcessApps/]')
  • Install the extract package in offline Process server
    • logging inot wsadmin using below command
      • ./ -conntype SOAP -port 8880 -host localhost -user depsadmin  -password depsadmin -profileName DmgrPSProfile -lang jython
    • you will see wsadmin>
      • wsadmin>AdminTask.BPMInstallOfflinePackage('[-inputFile /tmp/ ]')
      • if Package is installed successfully you will see below success message.
      • 'BPMInstallOfflinePackage passed.'

Log location in BPM


tail -f SystemOut.log - To view logs in putty

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